Aerial Assist – 2014

2014 FRC Game

Aerial Assist is played by two competing Alliances of three robots each. The goal is to score as many balls as possible during a 2 minute and 30 second match. The more the robots score and cooperate with each other, the more points the Alliance receives.

The match begins with a 10 second Autonomous Period where robots operate independently without the driver. Each robots may start with a ball and attempt to score. For each ball scored during this period the Alliance earns bonus points. The high and low pair of goals will light up and be “hot” for five seconds and more bonus points will be counted to the Alliance for each ball scored into the “hot” goal.

For the rest of the match where the driver may operate the robots from behind a transparent protective wall. When all of the balls from autonomous are scored, only one ball may be cycled by the Alliance at a time. With that ball the Alliance try to get as many points as they can by throwing it over the truss placed in the middle of the field and scoring in the high and low goals on the opposite side of the field.

Alliance can earn a large amount of bonus points for “assists.” Assists can be earned for each robot that has possession of the ball in a zone. The points awarded for assist is shown in the table below.