2020 Humber College Competition Recap

We participated in our first event of the season at the 2nd Humber College District event. At Humber, we went 11-1 during qualification matches and landed within the top 2 teams.

Going into Eliminations, we were the 2nd alliance captain and partnered along with, FRC Team 1114 – Simbotics, and FRC Team 2405 – Techno Trojans. We finished Eliminations undefeated and continued our winning streak at the event alongside 1114. For the first time in history, DAVE also won our first chairman’s award, walking away with not just a District Event win but also qualifying for the FIRST Ontario Provincial Championships in April. Very rarely, do teams win both awards at one event, so we are humbled to be a part of the “cling bling” family. The Humber College District event has laid a strong foundation for the rest of the season.

We are now ready to move forward to our next competition, the Waterloo District which is being held March 20-21 and the FIRST Ontario Provincial Championships held in April, with the momentum given to us by this victory.

2020 Weeks 3 – 7

These past weeks have been very productive and busy for the team. Build finished machining parts and we finished the robot that we use to practice! The competition robot, or “comp bot” is also taking shape, with the drivetrain assembled and mostly wired. Our bumpers were also constructed on over these weeks, giving us the ability to bring our practice bot to scrimmages and practice fields.

Our Business Services sub-team finished submitting all our awards and is finishing final touches on our Chairman’s Board! We are working hard on practicing our presentation and finalizing our Chairman’s video!

Software has taken advantage of our finished practice bot and has written programs to do a variety of different tasks.

With less than two weeks until our first competition at Humber College, we are going to keep up our hard work to ensure that we complete our goals on time!

2020 Weeks 2 + 3

Team Dave’s shop has been fairly quiet these weeks! In the mean time, there’s still a lot going on outside of these meetings! Our design team has been hard at work creating the CAD model for the robot. They have been working with previous year’s designs as well as our prototypes to have everything optimized and finalized as soon as possible.

The admin team has been working super hard to finalize the first draft of the Chairman’s essay. Students are also spending their time finishing the first draft of the Woodie Flowers essay before starting the editing process. In the next few weeks the admin sub-team is working on the Chairman’s video and finishing the final touches on the essay.

Software was also pretty quiet! Our students and mentors worked together to program individual subsystems of the robot with the functions that will be used to control them.

Even though these past two weeks weren’t too busy, we still are working diligently to stay on schedule!

2020 Week 1

The first week of build season is complete and the team has already been hard at work!
Team members have spent the first week designing prototype after prototype of the robot. We’re continuously preforming various trials to find the designs that work best so we can finalize them in the CAD of the robot. The design team will be hard at work this upcoming week putting the robot together in Solidworks while the mechanical and electrical teams will keep on prototyping until sheet metal arrives!

Over the span of this past week the awards sub-team has been working hard at meeting the goals we’ve created. We finalized the Chairman’s Executive Summary and created a skeleton for both the Chairman’s video and essay!

All in all, our first week was as successful as any! We’re loving this game and are excited to see where next week brings us! To keep up with us daily, you can follow us on Instagram at @team3683!

2020 Kickoff

First INFINITE RECHARGESM finally arrived and Team DAVE is already working hard! Our season started off by attending the Waterloo Kickoff at Conestoga College on January 4th. During the hours leading up to the release, some of our experienced mentors led seminars on robot strategy and awards. As soon as the game was revealed we broke into smaller groups to ensure we understand the rules for the challenge. Not too long after we came back together as a team to discuss strategy and how we want to play the game.

The next day we met as a team at the University of Waterloo to work together and in smaller groups to create possible robot designs and plan for the season. In the upcoming week we are creating a CAD of the robot and working on prototyping potential ideas.

Meanwhile the admin team is working hard on starting the writing and planning of the Chairman’s essay and presentation. We’ve also chosen our Woodie Flowers award nominee and have begin working on the submission and essay!

In conclusion our first couple days of the new season have been a blast. We are eager to continue to work hard to meet our goals in the upcoming weeks!