Team DAVE’s STEAM Contest

During this period of isolation we created a contest for the community. The contest has a Star Wars theme due to the FIRST Robotics challenge this year and the involvement Star Wars has with technology. The contest has 3 levels of challenges; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

To see our Contest policy, you can go here.

Beginner Level:

In Star Wars, there are many different communities with a high variety of creatures living in them. Your task for the Beginner Level is to:

  • Create a new creature for a Star Wars community
  • Show your creation by using STEAM in a creative way. (Some ways you could do this is by creating a drawing or model of the creature.)
  • No functionality of your creature is required

Intermediate Level:

Transportation is a very important and key aspect of the Star Wars universe. Communities utilize different methods of transportation to both get around and protect themselves from danger. Your task for the Intermediate Level is to:

  • Create a new vehicle or form of transportation for a Star Wars character.
  • Functionality of your creation is not required but could be a fun aspect to be able to include two different letters of STEAM which is needed to be eligible to win.

Advanced Level:

In Star Wars, some of the main characters have their own Robot sidekicks. R2-D2 and BB-8 are two of the better known droids of the Star Wars Universe. These two mini sidekicks assist the main characters in completing different missions. Your task for the Advanced Level is to:

  • Create a new robot sidekick.
  • The robot needs to have some functionality to be eligible to win.
  • To include at least two of the letters of STEAM, you could write up/draw the step by step process that resulted in your creation.

Contest Rules:

  • Each participant has to creatively incorporate at least 2 letters of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) into their project.
  • To enter you have to be following DAVE on at least one social media platform and if you are too young to have social media then one of your parents have to be following.
  • To enter you have to be living in Southern Ontario.
  • Each participant may only enter up to ONE submission for each of the three challenge levels.
  • You have to submit your creations by August 31, 2020.

*****This Contest is for All Ages*****

If you are on this map, you are eligible for our contest!


If you win, you could get these cool prizes!

  • Some of your own Team DAVE merch.
  • A LEGO kit.
  • A STEM kit.
  • And as a bonus if possible we will invite you to visit the Team DAVE workshop.

How to Sign Up:

Click the link here to go to our Google Form so you can sign up for the contest!