2020 Humber College Competition Recap

We participated in our first event of the season at the 2nd Humber College District event. At Humber, we went 11-1 during qualification matches and landed within the top 2 teams.

Going into Eliminations, we were the 2nd alliance captain and partnered along with, FRC Team 1114 – Simbotics, and FRC Team 2405 – Techno Trojans. We finished Eliminations undefeated and continued our winning streak at the event alongside 1114. For the first time in history, DAVE also won our first chairman’s award, walking away with not just a District Event win but also qualifying for the FIRST Ontario Provincial Championships in April. Very rarely, do teams win both awards at one event, so we are humbled to be a part of the “cling bling” family. The Humber College District event has laid a strong foundation for the rest of the season.

We are now ready to move forward to our next competition, the Waterloo District which is being held March 20-21 and the FIRST Ontario Provincial Championships held in April, with the momentum given to us by this victory.