2020 Weeks 2 + 3

Team Dave’s shop has been fairly quiet these weeks! In the mean time, there’s still a lot going on outside of these meetings! Our design team has been hard at work creating the CAD model for the robot. They have been working with previous year’s designs as well as our prototypes to have everything optimized and finalized as soon as possible.

The admin team has been working super hard to finalize the first draft of the Chairman’s essay. Students are also spending their time finishing the first draft of the Woodie Flowers essay before starting the editing process. In the next few weeks the admin sub-team is working on the Chairman’s video and finishing the final touches on the essay.

Software was also pretty quiet! Our students and mentors worked together to program individual subsystems of the robot with the functions that will be used to control them.

Even though these past two weeks weren’t too busy, we still are working diligently to stay on schedule!