2020 Kickoff

First INFINITE RECHARGESM finally arrived and Team DAVE is already working hard! Our season started off by attending the Waterloo Kickoff at Conestoga College on January 4th. During the hours leading up to the release, some of our experienced mentors led seminars on robot strategy and awards. As soon as the game was revealed we broke into smaller groups to ensure we understand the rules for the challenge. Not too long after we came back together as a team to discuss strategy and how we want to play the game.

The next day we met as a team at the University of Waterloo to work together and in smaller groups to create possible robot designs and plan for the season. In the upcoming week we are creating a CAD of the robot and working on prototyping potential ideas.

Meanwhile the admin team is working hard on starting the writing and planning of the Chairman’s essay and presentation. We’ve also chosen our Woodie Flowers award nominee and have begin working on the submission and essay!

In conclusion our first couple days of the new season have been a blast. We are eager to continue to work hard to meet our goals in the upcoming weeks!