World Championships!

At the World Championship in St. Louis,Team Dave took home the Tesla Division banner, won the Xerox Creativity Award, and our alliance placed 5th overall in the Einstein final rounds.


This past week FRC Team 3683 – Team Dave traveled to St. Louis, Missouri for our fourth trip to the World Championships. We competed in the Tesla Sub-division against 68 other teams from around the world! After 2 trying days of qualifications matches, we went into eliminations as the fourth alliance and fought a hard battle that resulted in the teams first world division win. We took home the blue banner for the Tesla Division and competed in Einsteins ranking as the 5th alliance in the world.

Our journey began with a 14-hour bus ride where we blasted T-swizzle, played games and had an extra spicy stop at Chick-fil-a. The team spent most of Wednesday afternoon before Practice matches experimenting with virtual reality, LEGO We Do, LEGO Mindstorm and met the kind people of Visit Detroit at the Innovation Faire!

18161399_939672722856951_2202339060498825216_n  TeamDave St Louis Arch

After the team grabbed some lunch, we headed to the Edward Jones Dome where we would spend the next couple days of competition. WE checked out the various robots in the Tesla Division until we left for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Afterwards, we picked up the drive team and returned to the hotel to rest up before the first day of Qualifications matches.

Next morning, most of us were up and ready to head to the stadium for 5:15 am! To get the best seats, teams tend to line up early in the mornings to be the first through the doors! AS soon as doors open, teams fly through the doors, in a safe manner, and head to their respective divisions to get the best seats. By the end of the first day, our team had played half our qualification matches and finished off the day in 13th place, thanks to our amazing drive team and pit crew! Afterwards, we got take out dinner from Sugarfire Smokehouse while some of the mentors went out to cheer on the Jays!


The next day, was similar to the day before but do to a lack of sleep the day felt more tiring than the last. We had one minor slip up when our scouting database for the day was messed up, but our head scouts worked through lunch to fix it! By the end of the day after all our qualification matches, we finished in 11th place. At the end of the day, we went back to the hotel for calzones from Sauce on the Side and our scouting meeting.


The next day was the most important day of the competition, elimination day. The morning began with awards, and our team won the Creativity Award, Sponsored by Xerox! After awards, each division went through alliance selection. Team Dave was asked to team up with the 3452 the Greengineerz, 2084 Robots by the C and 2537 the Space RAIDers as part of the fourth alliance. Somehow, our alliance managed to be made up of all green teams and was dubbed the #GreenAlliance. Our alliance did very well, going head to head with some of the best teams from across the world. WE managed to become Tesla Division winners and advancing on to Einstein for the first time in our team history!




While our alliance didn’t win Einstein we placed fifth, having won 2 out of the 5 matches played in the round robin event. All and all our team had an amazing experience at this fantastic. Our team would like to thank our fellow alliance members, 3452 the Greengineerz, 2084 Robots by the C and 2537 the Space RAIDers. All the amazing people at FIRST, our phenomenal drive team, all our scouts, parents, mentors and all the other teams that competed. Special thanks to all of our sponsors and St. David Catholic Secondary School for their support throughout this past year.






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