Jan 22

2017 Week 2

Week 2 was what Team Dave would consider a “quiet” week — however, there was still plenty going on! We’ve been making small changes to our robot design and begun to work on pieces for our competition and practice robots, including gearboxes, shifters, shafts & much more. We’ve also modified some of our prototypes after learning more about how certain field elements behave. We’ve experimented with mounting some of these on a prototype chassis and formed some skeleton code. We’re expecting and hoping our sheet metal will be in on Friday so our mechanical and electrical teams can get into full swing.

Admin has been making solid progress on a variety of fronts. We’ve begun work on our Chairman’s essay and started to brainstorm ideas for our Chairman’s video and Digital Animation award submission. We’re also creating presentations for some new sponsors we want to partner with. We’re also making some changes to our sponsorship levels, so for current sponsors, stay tuned!

One third of the way through build season, Team Dave is making steady strides.


Jan 21

Ontario District System


This year, Team Dave is competing as a part of the brand new Ontario District. There are a LOT of teams in Ontario — over 150, and growing fast. With the number of teams growing, the number of events needed to grow too. Therefore, FIRST Canada made the decision to implement the District System in Ontario.

The district system makes things a little simpler. Instead of qualifying for Worlds by simply winning an event, teams gain district points for winning the event, seeding high in qualifications, making it to eliminations as either captian or one of the picks, winning the Chairman’s and Engineering Inspiration awards, as well as winning technical awards. Each team competes at 2 events, and after the last district event all the points are tallied up. Each district event works similarly to a regional, with qualification matches followed by alliance selections followed by playoffs. While there is no practice day, all teams get 6 hours of unbag time to work on their robot.

This year, the top 60 teams in Ontario will go to the District Championship in Mississauga. Run the same way as the World Championships with a practice day and qualifications going over several days. Teams have a chance to earn lots of points in the same ways they would at a district event. Once the District Championship is complete, the 27 teams with the most points will move on to the World Championship. The number of teams that go to district champs and Worlds aren’t static — they can and will change year to year.

To put it simply, the district model allows all teams to compete at two events, and rewards teams that perform consistently well, even if they don’t win events.

Jan 17

2017 Week 1

After one week of FIRST STEAMWORKS, Team Dave’s season is well on it’s way! We attended the Kickoff event at Woodland Christian High School, where our new members learned about CAD, presenting Chairman’s, strategy, and of course, building robots. Meanwhile, some of our mentors and senior students led some of these very sessions. The build team has successfully created prototypes for all robot mechanisms, and the entire robot has been CADed. We have sent the design to our sponsor Melitron, and are waiting for sheet metal from them so we can begin assembly of our practice and competition robots. We’ve made good use of former robots, dismantling and salvaging the parts we need.


The admin team has also been hard at work, completing our Chairman’s executive summary, and making excellent progress on the business plan and business plan executive summary. We have also begun to brainstorm ideas for the video and essay, and plan to begin both in the week to come.IMG_20170117_175745

Thanks to our dedicated parents, construction of a practice field is moving quickly! We hope to have it up and running in time for our practice bot. In the coming weeks, we’ll be keeping you updated with more blog posts, as well as Tweets and Facebook posts. You can follow us by searching for Team 3683 on Facebook or @team3683 on Twitter. We’re excited to see how our next 5 weeks will progress!

Apr 10

Waterloo Regional 2016

Team Dave competed at the Waterloo Regional from March 31st to April 2nd, at the Physical Activities Complex of the University of Waterloo. Despite not winning the event, the team brushed up on scouting, driving, and much more in preparation for the FRC World Championships in St. Louis. We were fortunate enough to win the industrial Design award sponsored by General Motors for the second time this season. We also picked up our second blue banner of the season when our lead mentor, Daniel Delattre, won the Woodie Flowers Award for excellence in mentoring.

Team Dave finished third in qualifications, with a record of 9-4-0 and 40 ranking points. With our first pick, we selected our new friends from Texas,  FRC Team 148, The Robowranglers. With our second pick, Team Dave selected FRC Team 5032, Falcons, from Mississauga Ontario.

Team Dave breezed through our quarterfinals matches, which featured another local team, FRC team 2702 from Eastwood Collegiate Institute in Kitchener. However, we lost in three hard-fought semifinal matches against a tough alliance of FRC Teams 1241 Theory6, 610 Crescent Robotics, and 3560 Chingbotics, who went on to win the regional.

We are currently preparing for Worlds, which is coming up on April 27th to 30th.

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Mar 23

Greater Toronto Central Regional

Team Dave competed at the Greater Toronto Central Regional from March 2nd to March 5th, 2016, at Ryerson University, in the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Unlike the Stanley Cup-less Maple Leafs, Team Dave won the event, claiming out first regional win ever, in our first event of the season.

We won our first match 88 to 77, and never looked back, ending with a 9-1-0 record. We also placed first in qualifications, with 31 ranking points, four more than the second place team. We consistently breached defenses, climbed, and were often able to defeat the tower as well.

With the first pick, Team Dave selected FRC team 4001, Rams Robotics, and followed up with FRC team 5039, Irish Iron.

Despite being shorthanded for half of the first match and all of the second, we successfully won our quarters series in two games, with the second game coming down to a tiebreaker based on penalties. Team Dave also managed to defeat a tough fourth alliance in two games to advance to the finals. There we defeated the second alliance to claim the blue banner.

Along with winning the regional, we also received the Industrial Design Award for robot quality.

Team Dave will be competing at Waterloo Regional March 31st to April 2nd, and at World Championships in St. Louis April 27th to 30th.

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