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Name: Noah Betik
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  3. 2018 Week 4 — 04/02/2018
  4. 2018 Week 3 — 27/01/2018
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Mar 25

Waterloo District 2018


At the 2018 Waterloo District Event, Team Dave won the event, bringing the win home to Waterloo for the first time in team history! After loading in and setting up our pits on Thursday, we set out to work with some quick maintenance and practice matches to give our graduating driver more full-field experience with …

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Feb 12

2018 Week 5


Team Dave’s week 5 was productive as ever, with leaps and bounds being made in all areas of the team. By the end of the weekend, the practice bot was virtually complete, save for a couple small pieces and bits of wiring. The software team took this opportunity to push their first-draft code and had …

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Feb 04

2018 Week 4

Team Dave’s second half of build season is off to flying start! While continuing our in-house manufacturing, we sent in our sheet metal design to sponsor Melitron, and on a P.A. Friday, “Sheet Metal Christmas” arrived! We’ve begun the assembly of our practice bot with the help of an awesome pneumatic riveter. Plus, as our …

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Jan 27

2018 Week 3

And the shop is back in action! With the CAD virtually finalized, we’ve begun machining parts on the lathe and CNC mill to get a head start on the assembly. Our design has also been sent of to our sponsor Melitron, who will laser-cut it for us. We hope to have it in sometime this …

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Jan 21

2018 Week 2

With all of our preliminary prototyping done, Team Dave’s shop has been pretty quiet this past week! However, there’s still been plenty going on behind the scenes! Our design team has been hard at work creating the CAD model for this year’s robot, working with resources from previous year’s designs as well as our prototypes …

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