Feb 12

2018 Week 5

Team Dave’s week 5 was productive as ever, with leaps and bounds being made in all areas of the team. By the end of the weekend, the practice bot was virtually complete, save for a couple small pieces and bits of wiring. The software team took this opportunity to push their first-draft code and had the robot driving around. Saturday and Sunday also saw our power cube manipulating/scoring mechanisms spring into action as the robot was becoming mechanically complete. The first steps of auto have also begun, with our programmers working with the robot’s encoders for precise movement.

The competition robot, or “comp bot” is also taking shape, with the drivetrain assembled and mostly wired. Plus, the superstructure for power cube manipulation was machined and is waiting to be mounted early this week. The electrical team also took advantage of the practice bot’s mechanically complete status to plan out some internal wiring for comp bot — we’re planning on running wires and pneumatic tubing through structural box tubing to make the robot’s internals clean and easy to check.

Our awards team also made steady strides, submitting our Entrepreneurship Award entry and the essay for our Woodie Flowers nominee, Rishi. The annual “awards are submitted!” ice cream party also took place, giving the team a chance to breathe after many weeks of awesome productivity. The Chairman’s video script is nearing it’ final draft, and presentation ideas are starting to bounce around, so Awards, will definitely still be keeping busy until our first District Event.

In other team news, we took team photos over the weekend, taking individual photos of students as well as an assortment of group photos. Plus, our bumpers were also constructed on Saturday and Sunday, giving us the ability to bring our practice bot to scrimmages and practice fields.


One week left. The pressure is on, but Team Dave is racing towards the finish._MG_4724 _MG_4805 _MG_4714