Feb 04

2018 Week 4

Team Dave’s second half of build season is off to flying start! While continuing our in-house manufacturing, we sent in our sheet metal design to sponsor Melitron, and on a P.A. Friday, “Sheet Metal Christmas” arrived! We’ve begun the assembly of our practice bot with the help of an awesome pneumatic riveter. Plus, as our gearboxes are rapidly taking shape, and our software team is getting the teleoperated (driver control) code, we’re hoping to have a robot moving around by the end of the weekend. Our other mechanisms are also making rapid progress in the assembly stage. We’re excited to see the practice bot take shape so we can get a glimpse of how our 2018 creation will look in real life!

The awards team also celebrated a milestone today, completing and submitting the Chairman’s essay and Executive Summary in Team Dave record time! We’re also tying up the loose ends on our submission for the Entrepreneurship award, and hope to have it ready to go sometime over the next week. The Chairman’s video is beginning to take form, with a first draft of the script completed today, and our media team beginning to work on some concept art. We think filming this one is going to be a ton of fun, so we can’t wait to get to it!

Finally, the scouting and strategy team continues to make improvements on our database and scouting sheets for competitions. We’ve had multiple discussions on what metrics we want to record, and what data points we want our database to show and return, which has helped shape the system immensely. We’re also really intrigued with some of our new data input methods — right now we’re looking at an interesting combination of paper and electronic scouting methods.


As the clock winds down, Team Dave is getting more and more ready for FIRST PowerUp!


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