Jan 27

2018 Week 3

And the shop is back in action! With the CAD virtually finalized, we’ve begun machining parts on the lathe and CNC mill to get a head start on the assembly. Our design has also been sent of to our sponsor Melitron, who will laser-cut it for us. We hope to have it in sometime this week so we can begin assembly of our practice bot. Our most recent project has been working with gearboxes to find a ratio we like for our drivetrain. We’ll continue iterating until a winner emerges._MG_4482_MG_4480_MG_4475_MG_4507

148 is a bit of a fan favourite in and around our shop…


Admin has started the script for our Chairman’s video as the Chairman’s essay is reaching completion. We finally got the character count underneath the 10 000 limit and just need to add a couple finishing details before it’s ready to go! In the meantime e’re excited to keep working on the script — would it be biased to say that we are totally in love with our idea?

Our scouting database is also underway — our drive coach and a couple scouting students have drawn up a couple spreadsheets, which we will be combining over the weekend. As our first competition doesn’t happen until the fourth week of comp season, we’ll have plenty of time to refine it.

With half the season done and another three weeks left, Team Dave is heading into full swing!