Jan 21

2018 Week 2

With all of our preliminary prototyping done, Team Dave’s shop has been pretty quiet this past week! However, there’s still been plenty going on behind the scenes! Our design team has been hard at work creating the CAD model for this year’s robot, working with resources from previous year’s designs as well as our prototypes to have everything optimized and finalized. As it nears completion, we’ll be sending it off to one of our primary sponsors who will laser cut the sheet metal for our chassis. As soon as it arrives, our mechanical team will be hard at work assembling it!

Meanwhile, the software team has set up the framework code for the year, using the prototype drivetrain and intake as a test vehicle. They’ll be continuing to make refinements and teach rookie students over the next week.

The admin team is continuing to take long strides, completing several drafts of the Chairman’s essay and beginning work on our Woodie Flowers submission. We’ve also started to update our Business Plan and Chairman’s Booklet documents so we can have prepared resources for all our competitions. Over the next week, we plan to start our Chairman’s video script.

Over the weekend, we also helped build a full practice field at the Kitchener Google office, along with teams 2702 – Rebels (Kitchener), 4678 – Cybercavs (Breslau), 4917 – Sir Lancerbot (Elmira), and 2609 – Beaverwork (Guelph). We’re excited to be able to have this resource be so close this year!


A quiet shop does NOT mean a quiet team! We can’t wait to see how next week will progress!_MG_4430_MG_4373_MG_4449