Jan 21

Ontario District System


This year, Team Dave is competing as a part of the brand new Ontario District. There are a LOT of teams in Ontario — over 150, and growing fast. With the number of teams growing, the number of events needed to grow too. Therefore, FIRST Canada made the decision to implement the District System in Ontario.

The district system makes things a little simpler. Instead of qualifying for Worlds by simply winning an event, teams gain district points for winning the event, seeding high in qualifications, making it to eliminations as either captian or one of the picks, winning the Chairman’s and Engineering Inspiration awards, as well as winning technical awards. Each team competes at 2 events, and after the last district event all the points are tallied up. Each district event works similarly to a regional, with qualification matches followed by alliance selections followed by playoffs. While there is no practice day, all teams get 6 hours of unbag time to work on their robot.

This year, the top 60 teams in Ontario will go to the District Championship in Mississauga. Run the same way as the World Championships with a practice day and qualifications going over several days. Teams have a chance to earn lots of points in the same ways they would at a district event. Once the District Championship is complete, the 27 teams with the most points will move on to the World Championship. The number of teams that go to district champs and Worlds aren’t static — they can and will change year to year.

To put it simply, the district model allows all teams to compete at two events, and rewards teams that perform consistently well, even if they don’t win events.