Team Dave is FRC Team 3683 – the FIRST Robotics Team at St. David CSS in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The 2017 season is Team Dave’s seventh year of competition. This year Ontario is moving to a District Model for the 2017 season. As a team we will have to adapt to the new challenges ahead of us.

Dave knows that most people have never built a robot before, so Dave welcomes students from all grades and all levels of experience with open arms.


2017 Week 1

After one week of FIRST STEAMWORKS, Team Dave’s season is well on it’s way! We attended the Kickoff event at Woodland Christian High School, where our new members learned about CAD, presenting Chairman’s, strategy, and of course, building robots. Meanwhile, some of our mentors and senior students led some of these very sessions. The build …

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Waterloo Regional 2016

Team Dave competed at the Waterloo Regional from March 31st to April 2nd, at the Physical Activities Complex of the University of Waterloo. Despite not winning the event, the team brushed up on scouting, driving, and much more in preparation for the FRC World Championships in St. Louis. We were fortunate enough to win the …

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Greater Toronto Central Regional

Team Dave competed at the Greater Toronto Central Regional from March 2nd to March 5th, 2016, at Ryerson University, in the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Unlike the Stanley Cup-less Maple Leafs, Team Dave won the event, claiming out first regional win ever, in our first event of the season. We won our first match 88 …

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Week 6 – Bag and Tag

Down to the final stretch, Team Dave has been hard at work to finish everything up. At the same time, many exciting events happened along with visits from awesome people in our community. The build team spent many hours every evening to finish our competition robot in time for bag and tag day. We are …

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Week 4-5

This past week, on Wednesday, the Business team submitted our Entrepreneurship award. Since this was the final award to submit on STIMs, we are now working on the Chairman’s video and presentation. Planning for the presentation is underway and shots for the video are being taken. Our Chairman’s presenters are preparing for our week one …

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Week 3

This week started off slow because it was the week of exams, but we still managed to get lots done. The admin team was working on awards submissions, especially Chairman’s. The build team was also hard at work this past week since we got most of our parts that we designed for our robot. Our …

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