Team Dave is FRC Team 3683 – the FIRST Robotics Team at St. David CSS in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The 2014 season is Team Dave’s fourth year of competition. So far this year we have won the Excellence in Engineering Award, the Creativity Award, and have qualified for the 2014 FRC World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dave knows that most people have never built a robot before, so Dave welcomes students from all grades and all levels of experience with open arms.


Bag’n Tag 2015

As our sixth week of build season comes to an end, Team Dave is proud of all the work and effort that we have put towards this year’s robot. We feel very confident in the skills and mechanisms of our robot and are looking forward to our competitions at the Waterloo Regional and Windsor Regional. …

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Day 37 – 44

In the last week of the FRC build season, Team Dave has been working hard finishing our competition robot, as well as fine tuning our robot programming. This week the Admin team has submitted our Entrepreneurship Award Submission as well as our  2015 Chairman’s Award Submission. This evening Team Dave is hosting our annual PreBag’n Tag …

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Day 30-36

Team Dave has been hard at work, both concerning our robot, and the Chairman’s video. Although we had a slight delay with a snow day last week, the team has been persevering and continuing to work even harder and more efficiently to get things done. Over the past week, Team Dave’s admin team has started …

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I scream for ice cream!

Day 24-29

Admin has finished all our awards submissions! Hooray! To celebrate, the admin mentors brought in ice cream for the team. Now that we are done, we are continually preparing our Chairman`s presenters and working on our video submission. The build team has been hard at work the past few days, heightening our robot`s capability and …

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Day 20-23

On Wednesday, boxes of parts for our chassis showed up and students of Team Dave began working extremely hard alongside our mentors to build our two chassis, for our two robots. Yesterday, our software team had our robot connected wirelessly, driving around our high school cafeteria. Students have been studying hard for exams this coming week, …

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Days 16-19

As Team Dave entered week three of the season, things were at a standstill, as we waited for pieces of our robot to come in. Our build team continued to CNC and lathe pieces for the robot. Our admin team is on the way to completing our submissions for the Entrepreneurship Award and Chairman’s Award, after …

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