Team Dave is FRC Team 3683 – the FIRST Robotics Team at St. David CSS in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The 2015 season is Team Dave’s fifth year of competition. So far this year we have won the Quality and Innovation in Control awards, and have qualified for the 2015 FRC World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dave knows that most people have never built a robot before, so Dave welcomes students from all grades and all levels of experience with open arms.


Week 3

This week started off slow because it was the week of exams, but we still managed to get lots done. The admin team was working on awards submissions, especially Chairman’s. The build team was also hard at work this past week since we got most of our parts that we designed for our robot. Our …

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Week 1 – 2

Team Dave’s 2016 season has sparked with the release of this year’s new game, STRONGHOLD. We were present at the University of Waterloo Kickoff two weeks ago with many of the other local teams, in anticipation for the new games release. With a Medieval themed game, our team has begun brainstorming ideas for robot design …

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Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional

April 2nd to 4th Team Dave competed at the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Regional in Windsor ON.  This regoinal boasted 48 competeing teams, the largest regionl Team Dave has attended to date. Team Dave started out strong and stayed consistent throuht out qualification matches. We seeded 5th overall and joined the 3rd seeded team to create …

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Waterloo Competition

March 19th to the 21st Team Dave competed at the Wateroo Regional alongside 29 other teams. Held at the Physical Activities Center at the University of Waterloo, this three day event was Team Dave’s first compeition. Although we had a rocky start on Friday morning, all kinks were eventually worked out by lunch time. Seeding …

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This year we will be attending two regionals: the Waterloo Regional and the Windsor-Essex Regional, information can be found below about parking and location. If you do make it out to the event, come visit the team. Please feel free to contact us through our Twitter, Facebook, or email for further information about these events. …

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Bag’n Tag 2015

As our sixth week of build season comes to an end, Team Dave is proud of all the work and effort that we have put towards this year’s robot. We feel very confident in the skills and mechanisms of our robot and are looking forward to our competitions at the Waterloo Regional and Windsor Regional. …

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